Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs A Low Culture Manifesto – Chuck Klosterman

 This book had some funny moments throughout, but overall it was just like sitting in on a one way conversation. Listen to a cynical person rant about what they like and dislike of events that have occurred over their lifetime. Klosterman also uses a lot of references that I did not understand, and he kept claiming that no one would, which doesn’t make sense. Why even bother adding them? So a handful of people that read this book will find his references comical, while the rest of us stare blankly wondering who would even understand these associations.  Near the middle of this essay he asked philosophical questions, that he uses to see if someone is “friend worthy”. I found these questions to be quite intriguing, and I have discovered that I am excited to begin a discussion on those topics with my friends.

I am not recommending this book 100%, I do recommend checking out the questions he proposes in this book. It was a very quick read so I was not too disappointed when I was finished. But it wasn’t a book that I would read again or add to my list of books that have changed my life.


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