What’s To Come!!

I am extremely excited to continue adding to this blog!! I could be here all day if I wanted to! But unfortunately, even though I am not feeling well I still have other responsibilities.

Also, I am currently reading “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea” – Chelsea Handler, which is extremely funny, and I can’t wait to finish it and tell you all about it! 😀

Lastly, I have a bunch of reviews that are in the works and I am energized about posting them. I have reviews on some books that I have read in the past, as well as some inspirational movies and a couple TV shows as well. On top of all that I will be updating my “Books That Have Changed My Life” in my “About” Section.

Stay Tuned!



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2 responses to “What’s To Come!!

  1. I’ve read one of Chelsea’s book–I honestly can’t remember which one–but I remember that reading it was as funny as watching her.

    • pinklipgloss25

      I have never seen her show, but I am thoroughly enjoying her books! My Horizontal Life has been my favourite so far! I am almost done Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea.

      I am probably going to read them all and then do a entire blog post on all 4 of her books. If the next two books are on par with the first two then they are all read-worthy! 😀

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