Cell – Stephen King

I know the majority of my recommendations are non-fiction, but I have a little soft spot for Stephen King. I always have. His writing style is so captivating and vivid. I will probably be recommending more of King’s books to come. But for now I thought I would let you in on this gripping tale of a man who went to Boston for an interview, and before he even made it through the front doors, the world started coming to an end. I do not want to give too much away, because the insanity in this books begins on page 2.

Cell has nothing to do with “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez (even though that is a pretty crazy movie itself). King’s Cell has to do with cellphones, and how these cellphones start turning people into crazy flesh eating zombies. I did not put a SPOILER ALERT in before that statement, because this all happens on the first couple pages. The rest of the story is about the main character, Clayton Riddell, trying to leave the city streets of Boston and return to his suburban home to protect his wife and son. I was in complete suspense the entire book, I could not put it down for a moment. You are constantly on edge and wondering what is going to happen next.

If you like zombies and love a good thriller then I would highly recommended picking this up. I loved every page and I even bought my husband a copy the other day so he can discover the awesomeness that is Cell.




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2 responses to “Cell – Stephen King

  1. pinklipgloss25

    For someone who isn’t an avid reader, my husband is flying through this book. In the years I have known him I have never seen him complete a book, let along finish one as quickly as this! I am glad someone is liking my recommendations. lol

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