Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen

I saw this movie recently, and I was absolutely blown away! Maybe it was because I had never heard a peep about it. So I had low expectations and no hype to skew my opinion before I had even stepped into the theatre, but I was enamoured  with the entire film.

If you are a book lover, which I believe you to be if you are reading my blog, then you will be fascinated by this story. I do not want to ruin a single aspect of this film for anyone. So let’s just say there are a lot of famous writers and painters that are displayed throughout the film, and the actors play their roles perfectly. I was in stitches every time a new character was introduced into the plot.

A little about the plot: Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams) are engaged, and decide to tag along with Inez’s parents on their business trip to Paris. Gil is a little discouraged about his career change, and is feeling lost in his life choices at the present time. He believe that the era we live in is not exciting enough for him, and he would have preferred to live in the roaring 20’s. Back when Paris was the place to be. With all the legendary literary figures of our time, back in their prime. But after midnight in Paris, things become somewhat unimaginable.

I found this movie to be so unique, not just because of the plot line, but also because this is the first film I have watched and actually thought to myself that “this is a movie directed at a reader” more so than a movie-goer.

Trust me, after you have experienced this truly amazing film, you will want to watch it over again. I know I did!



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  1. Fantastic review! Definitely one of my favourite movies this year!

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