The Walking Dead (TV + Comic Book)

In preparation for tonight′s season two premiere of The Walking Dead, my husband and I spent last night cuddled up, watching season one. I was absolutely terrified, and I have already seen it! They made the first season very short, with only six episodes. I can definitely see why. They have movie quality graphics on a television show, and you wouldn′t want to have a large budget TV show bomb, and have all that money go down the drain. But it was obviously a success!!! Season two is going to be a full 20+ episode season, and I could not be more excited. Well maybe, I am petrified with fear when it comes to zombies. I do not know why, but they are the scariest of all the monsters in horror movies I have seen.

Dawn of the Dead is probably, by far, the scariest movie I have ever seen. Slow moving zombies (like Shaun of the Dead) don′t bother me as much, but the quick and resilient zombies or zombie like creatures (like 30 Days of Night or Resident Evil I) scary the living bejesus out of me!!

You know what it′s like watching a horror movie and you are on the edge of your seat the entire time, waiting for the next zombie to pop out of nowhere and start tearing the flesh off of some innocent bystander′s throat. If you are a suspense seeker, and love the feeling of anticipation, then you will love this show. In the movies, you hold your breathe for the hour and a half or so of the movies duration. But in this TV series, it is hour after hour of suspenseful torture (in a good way though).

I thought after my post about Cell by Stephen King, that this would be a great must-see show if you love zombies! Not only can you check out the book (no connection to the comics or the TV show, just an awesome read), but I thought I would promote the show and hopefully interest you into check out the comics.

The TV show is loosely based on the comics. The setting is the same and so are the characters, but the plot line is different, as I can tell so far in the first season. They are definitely worth checking out!!

I hope you enjoy your fright-filled evening ahead (if you are watching the show, or are picking up a horror novel or if you feel to just pop in a scary movie). Halloween is just around and we all love getting into the spirit by trying to scare ourselves as much as possible!!


Images: Image 1 – The Walking Dead Season One Poster. Image 2 – The Walking Dead Season Two Poster. Image 3 – The Walking Dead Issue #1 (Comic Book)


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  1. pinklipgloss25

    P.S. It was amazing!!! Cannot wait for next week!!! What an opener!!!! Wow!

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