Movie vs Comic

After last nights post on The Walking Dead, I am loving the comic book theme, and I want to continue to run with it.

First off, The Watchmen, directed by Zack SnyderYou’ve probably seen the movie, but have you read the graphic novel? I liked the movie, but I really enjoyed the comic. Every part of the movie is in the book, but there is also so much more (like always). You miss the background stories of the characters and most importantly the story of Edward Blake aka The Comedian. This information is vital to the plot line, and I don’t know how they could have cut it from the film (even though I heard that the DVD would have an extra hour worth of footage added).

Also, the most obvious changes deal with the things Snyder had to cut for time, at least some of which are going to be in the director’s cut. In particular, there’s the “Black Freighter” storyline, presented in Alan Moore’s Watchmen, as a comic-within-a-comic, a horror story being read by a young black kid hanging out at an old white dude’s newsstand. (The black kid and the old white dude are briefly seen at the end of the film, clutching each other as New York goes up in a flare of blue. The book includes a number of as-above-so-below scenes on the New York streets, where those characters and others—gang members, a local lesbian couple, a watch seller—play out their own minor dramas and in some cases, worry about the threat of nuclear war hanging over them, or otherwise react to the larger events of the comic. Don’t get me wrong the graphics in the film were awesome. But the graphics in the comic are close in comparison.

If you liked the movie than this is a must-read! I read the comic before the movie, and was a little disappointed (in the film) by all the missing components. So even if you weren’t completely thrilled with the movie do not let that deter you from experiencing the awesomeness that is THE WATCHMEN (the comic).

Another movie/comic book definitely worth checking out is Frank Miller’s Sin City!

In my opinion this is one of the best comic book/movie adaptation ever!! The movie was amazing!! I loved the cinematography throughout the entire film, and the acting was perfect! If you want to know how spot on the movie was to the comic you should pick it up! The comics are a work of art. I could not put them down, they were so enticing!

The film is primarily based on three of Miller’s works: The Hard Goodbye, about a man who embarks on a brutal rampage in search of his one-time sweetheart’s killer; The Big Fat Kill, which focuses on a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries; and That Yellow Bastard, which follows an aging police officer who protects a young woman from a disfigured serial killer.

ATTENTION! Sin City 2 is in development and it said to be released in 2013!!!!

I hope this will inspire you to pick up one of these graphic novels! What do you have to lose!?! You can complete these comics within a couple hours, and I can guarantee that it will be worth your while to do so! Enjoy!!

Here is a comparison from each comic to film adaptation.

For more comparison shots go to SIN CITY Comic vs Film

Source: The A.V. Club & ComicBookMovie


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