Kansas City Library! Absolutely Amazing!!!

I have been looking into libraries around the world, ever since my first post (10 of the Worlds’s Most Beautiful Libraries – see below), and I discovered the Kansas City Library! I don’t think I have seen such an amazing building in my entire life!

I believe this is the solution to get more children to read! Who wouldn’t want to run inside this amazing building, made out of books, and start diving into all the amazing literature that the library has to offer!

I am in love with this library!! Take a look for yourself!! Enjoy!!



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4 responses to “Kansas City Library! Absolutely Amazing!!!

  1. Yes, this library looks awesome. I remember last year researching the worlds most unusual libraries and seeing a picture of Kansas City Library and thought it looked great. These are a great range of pictures of the library. The Information Commons at Sheffield University, where I am now is futuristic but nothing compared to this design.

    • pinklipgloss25

      They are images from Google Earth! Man, I love technology!! 🙂 You get to see the world from the comfort of you home! 🙂

  2. Rob Montague

    This is not actually the library. It’s the library parking garage, across the street from the new main library building, which is a beautifully restored and readapted neo-classic bank temple. But the garage is definitely awesome! There was a public contest to come up with all the titles for the “books” that would be featured on the garage walls!

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