Kill Shakespeare Vol.1

I was putting away all of my amazing new books from Random House over the weekend, and stumbled upon a copy of Kill Shakespeare that was lent to me quite some time ago (sorry Tyler). I decided, that it would only take me an hour or two tops to read this graphic novel, so I dove right in, and needless to say, I was very impressed!

This is the first issue out of 12, the second issue is supposed to be released November 16th, 2011, according to the Kill Shakepeare Website, but Amazon states the release date is November 22nd. Either way–I cannot wait!

It is produced by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, who also act as co-writers, alongside Andy Belanger as head-artist, Ian Herring as colourist and Kagan McLeod as cover artist.

In this first issue, we are merely introduced to the characters, and briefed on the plot of the tale. But I am already intrigued, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the second installation. Being a huge Shakespeare fan myself, I am overwhelmed with all the characters that have arisen so far.

The premise of this fable is one of good versus evil. On the side of good, we have: Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Falstaff; who are pitted against the menacing villians: Richard III, Lady Macbeth and Iago. Hamlet is supposed to be the “Shadow King”, who is the prophecy that has been sent to save the people from the tyranny of King Richard III. But Richard III has his own plan to have Hamlet kill Shakespeare (who is looked upon as a God). But Hamlet does not know who to trust, or if he is indeed the “Shadow King”, some believe him to be.

If you are wondering, “What if I have never read any Shakespeare’s plays? Will I still understand what’s going on?” And the answer is yes! The friend who lent me this novel, has only read the plays he was forced to read in high school (which he probably doesn’t remember that well), and still enjoyed this book immensely. I find that because I have read all the plays that coincide with the graphic novel, I know a lot of background information on each of the characters; Iago especially (that sly fox!).

To have read Othello and to know Iago’s true nature, leaves you skeptical of every actions he makes. But I find that the creators of the tale, have exaggerated this detail for non-Shakespearean fans to grasp this concept.

The visuals alone would be enough to entice me to read this book. There are a lot of sword fights, brawls and blood. And I love every moment of it!!

Kill Shakespeare is full of dark laughs, shocking alliances, bad puns and wild violence. Like the best of Shakespeare himself…” -Patton Oswalt (Comedian, Writer of Serenity, star of Ratatouille and King of Queens)

Go grab it and let me know what you think!! Enjoy!!



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