Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People – Douglas Coupland + Graham Roumieu

I have already completed reading two out of the four books; I set out to read this week. I feel I have cheated a little with this goal I have set for myself. Kill Shakespeare, being a graphic novel took only a couple hours to complete, and so did Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, but I am going to try an not dwell on it too much. I did it for a good cause–I am rushing to get to Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers.

Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People was a roller coaster of emotions. It was funny, sad, creepy and weird; but overall a huge hit!

Douglas Coupland compiled seven short stories, that are all children book tales per se, but not actually intended for a young audience. Coupland writes about Donald, the incredibly hostile juice box (as shown in the image), who gets off on torturing other juice boxes, as well the janitor, teacher and principal.

Sandra, the truly dreadful babysitter, is always up to more trouble than the children she is supposed to be taking care of.  Other characters include: Hans, the weird exchange student; Brandon, the action figure with issues; Cindy, the terrible role model; Kevin, the hobo minivan with extremely low morals, and my favourite of all–Mr. Fraser, the undead substitute teacher.

The stories are unique and the illustrations are absolutely marvellous! I highly recommend you pick this one up for yourself, and hide it from the youngsters!



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