Something Fierce Wins Canada Reads 2012!!!!! Congrats to Carmen Aguirre!!!!

National Post | Arts

After four days of intense and at times controversial debate, Carmen Aguirre’s memoir, Something Fierce, has won the 2012 edition of CBC’s Canada Reads. The book won by a slim 3-2 vote, just beating out Ken Dryden’s classic hockey tale, The Game. Tasked with defending Aguirre’s non-fiction work, rapper Shad came out victorious against actor Alan Thicke’s humourous, yet ultimately unpersuasive, arguments for Dryden’s opus.

“He killed it!” Shad said of Thicke after Thursday morning’s debate. “He’s such a pro because he can be liked but he can also defend his book; he made some very strong points.”

The final day of competition saw the debate veer into a discussion on  action vs. introspection. Whereas Something Fierce proved to be more compelling in terms of representing a family portrait (the book speaks directly to author Aguirre’s relationship with her mother), The Game‘s focus on an introspective narrative resonated…

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