Sophie Kinsella Giveway Winner!

I should have posted this yesterday, but it’s been hard for me to get back into “work mode”. I arrived home from Cuba yesterday morning and I have been recovering ever since. But there were two reasons why I was excited to return. One, I got rid of my Blackberry and purchased a new Samsung Galaxy SII hours after I got back, and secondly, I got to announce the winner of the Sophie Kinsella Giveaway!!

 Congratulations @ZaraAlexis!!!!!!

My trip was amazing (thanks for asking). But I did not get to read as much as I would have liked. Apparently relaxing by the pool with a drink in my hand is very time-consuming. But luckily for me, I arrived home to begin my reading week at school, so I have another week to get caught up. So you can be looking forward to a new post coming soon!!

I hope you all didn’t miss me too much while I was away. hehehe


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One response to “Sophie Kinsella Giveway Winner!

  1. Thank you! I’m thrilled to have won and look forward to receiving the book in the mail so I can add it to my TBR collection!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Cuba. And of your most recent purchase that ACTUALLY ISN’T a book! And yes, I’m absolutely looking forward to March Break. I’m feeling nostalgic and plan on tapping some Maple trees…

    (Cartwheeling away with joy!)

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