Royal Library of Belgium

I have written blogs before on some of the world’s most beautiful libraries and specifically the Kansas City library (click ’Libraries’ on the right, to check them out), but this post blew me away this morning! The images are absolutely beautiful!! I am adding the Royal Library of Belgium on my list of top places in the world I would like to see. Thanks Sleepless Reader for allowing me to discover such an amazing place!

The Sleepless Reader

I’m a bit lazy today, so I’ll just post a few photos of a recent night visit to the Royal Library of Belgium.

The garden by night (the Library is the building on the left).

Each locker is dedicated to a Belgian author.

Exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the publicaiton of Les Misérables. A Belgian first edition in 10 volumes.

The Librarium, a permanent exhibition space on the history of books, writing and libraries.

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