Celebrity Libraries

I have found another great post to share, when it comes to my not-so-secret obsession, libraries!!

I would like to thank Wallace Yovetich from BookRiot for her post. It was so good I had to steal it and share it with all my followers as well! 🙂 You can follow Wallace on Twitter @BookishWallace.

Here are some extremely impressive libraries from celebrities homes.

Karl Lagerfield’s Personal Library

This is a whole lot of books!! I could not be more jealous! I wish I could pick through them, and see what Karl has been reading. I wonder how he gets to the books at the top of the pile?


Diane Keaton’s Personal Library

Just what I’ve always wanted! A library with a ladder!! Absolutely stunning!


Woody Allen’s Personal Library

 I think I might be catching up to Woody Allen with the amount of books I have.


Keith Richards’ Personal Library

This room is so inspirational. From books to vinyls I can see why Keith would want to spend a lot of time in this room.


William Randolph Hearst’s Library

Being the owner of The New York Journal apparently comes with some perks. This library put most to shame.


Oprah Winfrey’s Personal Library

Having your own book club, you would assume she would be a true bibliophile. And I was right!

 Sources: BookRiot and Accredited Online Colleges


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