Can’t Decide If You Should Read 50 Shades of Grey? Maybe This Will Help

I am one of those people who refrains from reading books heavily immersed in the mainstream media. So when I stumbled upon this chart, I thought it was hilarious! And it reiterated the fact that I probably won’t read this novel either. But if you have, please let me know what you think! Try and convince me why I should or should not read this! 🙂

I would like to thank dr b: Brenna Clarke Gray from BookRiot for this awesome post! I just had to steal it! 🙂

Should you read 50 Shades of Grey? It’s always a hard decision when you’re wondering whether or not to buy into the NEXT BIG THING the publishing world throws at us.  Sometimes, it’s awesome (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, you guys rocked).  Sometimes, it’s good for a laugh (Mr. Dan Brown, come on down). Sometimes, it’s awful beyond words (Twilight, I’m looking at you). But regardless of those outcomes, sometimes it’s just to be able to have something to say about something lots of people have something to say about.

I think we humans call that community.

Be that as it may, you can’t jump on every bandwagon going. There’s not enough time and too many lovely books to read. So I made you a flowchart to help you decide if 50 Shades of Grey is right for you.

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2 responses to “Can’t Decide If You Should Read 50 Shades of Grey? Maybe This Will Help

  1. Amber

    I can’t believe you would suggest anyone read this book!!! It’s terribly written, unedited and the basis is stolen from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer! Does no one do their research anymore? She stole the characteristics and background from SM! I mean its a TWILIGHT fanfiction go ahead and google master of the universe and get it free! Don’t waste your money!

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