Titanic Secret Revealed in Louise Patten’s Good as Gold to be Released this April

I thought this would be a great read with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic coming up in 3 days!!

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Good as Gold – Louise Patten

“Revealed after 100 years: The REAL reason why the Titanic hit that iceberg”  ~Daily Mail

For generations, Quentance Bank has managed the private wealth of its rich clients. When Edie is pushed into joining the family business, she finds the work tedious. As a diversion, she seeks to uncover the truth about her great-grandfather Kit. Branded a coward and a thief, Kit Quentance escaped from Titanic and was rumoured to have carried a fortune into the lifeboat with him.

 Edie’s excavations reveal shocking truths about Titanic’s sinking as well as unearthing far more recent secrets about Quentance Bank. Her twin brother, her parents, her uncle—is there anyone out there she can trust?

 Praise for Louise Patten:

 “Exciting and highly topical” ~Good Book Guide

 “Family’s Titanic secret revealed..Confusion about steering orders was responsible for the Titanic sinking, according to a relative…

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