The Devil’s Cinema : The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room – Steve Lillebuen

If you like the show Dexter or you like true crime then this books is for you!!

This account of Mark Twitchell is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is a story of a man who discovered his dark side when he began watching the HBO acclaimed show Dexter. You can’t say that Dexter was the root cause for anything that Mark Twitchell did. He was messed up before he even heard of the show. He doesn’t even really mimic him–as in killing only bad people, a vigilante of sorts–he is more fascinated with Dexter and his “dark passenger” (the voice inside him that forces him to do evil). But Twitchell takes his obsession for a TV show to a whole new level.

I have read true crime before, and some of them come off very dry and overly factual. I get that is the structure some people based their books on. But this one has more of a fiction feel to it. It has you second guessing if Mark Twitchell really even killed anyone. He is very intelligent and convincing. It isn’t until the last chapter where you really see the TRUE Mark Twitchell, which is revealed when you read a passage taken from his private journal. You discover how sick and twisted he really is.

I like how the chapters jump from different points of view. You get to see inside the heads of the men working this case, and you see the whole story come together through the perspective of each detective.

It was a great read and I recommend it to all!!!



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