The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere!!

If you are unaware tonight is the season 3 premiere of THE WALKING DEAD!! 

I am so excited!! I’ve been watching episodes here and there on AMC all weekend. They’ve been running the first 2 seasons non-stop for the past 48 hours. I plan on watching the season 2 finale right before the premiere, for a little refresher.

Update – I forgot about how many people died in the season 2 finale! I forgot about the black woman who saved Andrea. She is pretty badass. The walkers she has leashes behind her as “pets” us pretty messed up. I guess they are early warning detectors, to warn of an intrusion. I saw the season 3 trailer but I don’t want to give anything away, but this season is going to be Cra…wait for it..zy! 

The only downside of The Walking Dead starting back up for another season, is that I am terrified of zombies (Yes, I know it is a weird thing to be scared of.. lol). I have nightmares
once the show begins and they continue until the finale. I guess it’s so fresh in my mind that is seeps into my subconscious and I cannot escape from it. 

Out of all of the scary monsters and creatures, how could zombies not be on the top of your list? If zombies were real, it would spread so rapidly that there would be no hope for the human race. The chaos. The death. Dismemberment. Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. But on the other hand I know that there is no immanent danger of a zombie apocalypse any time soon, and if there was, I am prepared!

It doesn’t help that I have found documentation about a type of “zombie” disease in Africa:

BBC NEWS (Health) – The disease that makes people zombies

But overall, I am excited!! And I am glad that I watch this show with my best friend and my husband, so I have people to hide behind when I get too scared. hehehe.

So set your alarms, your PVRs, whatever you need. But don’t miss it!! And most importantly…



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