Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar – Kelly Oxford

Not as funny as I was lead to believe. But there were still a couple of laugh out loud moments.

Kelly’s stories of her life, begin in her youth. I felt like I was reading the diary of a young girl who was having the same awkward time in life. Then as her tales progressed into her teenage years, I became uninterested. Who doesn’t have a story at one point in high school of trying to impress their friends or getting black-out, puke all over a car drunk? (You don’t have to admit it, but I know Kelly and I aren’t the only ones) 


It wasn’t until her adulthood that I was able to relate to her. Mother, wife and partyer. That is the Kelly I liked. She reminded me of a stretched out (she refers to herself as such because of giving birth to 3 kids), married version of Chelsea Handler.

I guess she is trying to reach all audiences, because depending on where you are in life, you will be able to connect on some level with at least one part of her book.

I might have high standards for comedic memoirs because I have read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy KalingBossypants by Tina Fey and I love the vulgarity in all of Chelsea Handler’s books.  

Overall, this was funny. There were at least 4 moments on the train where I was choking back audible laughter, it had to do with urine, David Copperfield, her husband and Disneyland (all 4 were different stories).  So I do recommend it, and I will just chalk this up to the book being over hyped for me.

But I hope you enjoy!


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