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Funniest Library Bag I Have Ever Seen!

I came across this DIY library bag project that I thought would be a hoot to create! This project is brought to you by Sew Delicious, and she gives an amazing step-by-step tutorial on how to make this great conversation starting, big book bag for yourself! I know this is the next DIY project on my list!!



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Oliver Sacks Covers

In my Application of Publishing Design class, we have begun a book designer research project. Luckily for me I did a blog post on Coralie Bickford-Smith the day before this assignment was even handed to me (see below). So needless to say I zipped through this project in no time at all. But this gave me some free time to check out some other amazing book designers, and let me tell you, there are hundreds of talented designers out there.

One in particular is Cardon Webb. He designed the fantastic new Vintage series for Oliver Sacks.


In May of 2011, Cardon Webb announced on Dribble that these books had been “killed and will never see the light of day”. Then in August of 2011, Cardon posted that “these [books] have now been approved and will be on the shelves next month”.

These books are pieces of art, and are absolutely beautiful to look at. I cannot wait to check out more of his work!

If you are interested in browsing through some amazing book designs check out The Book Cover Archive!!! It is quite something, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself!


Source: Spine Out

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When Stories Jump Right off the Page!

I happen to stumble upon this amazing and very creative ad for Anagram bookshop. It is cleaver and enticing! A++ in my book for one of the best pieces of advertisement I have seen in ages!!

“There’s nothing like reading a great book and getting lost in the story. It’s almost as if stories jump out of books, just like these ads illustrate. Great execution by advertising agency Kaspan, who created these ads for Anagram bookshop, located in the city of Prague. ‘Words create Worlds,’ the ad states”. (Source: My Modern Met)



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