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Game of Thrones!!!!

book1book2The countdown is on for the Game of Thrones season premiere this March the 31st!! And I know I couldn’t be more excited!! That Sunday will be a glorious day! Since the season finale of The Walking Dead will be on at the same time!! Thank goodness I have Easter Monday off because it is going to be a long night.

It’s been said that the third season is going to be the first half of A Storm of Sword (Book #3), so we’ll be waiting another year for the fourth season to conclude the entire third book. The suspense is going to kill me!!

book3Some of you might be thinking, “Why don’t you just read the books?” Well, I thought about it at first, when the show originally aired. But I was book4confused enough by all the characters in the show. I didn’t know how I would tell them apart without remembering their faces. I guess I could have kept the Game of Thrones family tree printout next to me as I read. But I also enjoy having my best friend come over on

Sundays and share in the experience of watching it together and discussing the episode once it’s over. If I read the books now, it would spoil what it to come.

book5But I might have to obtain the Game of Thrones Cookbook, so I can have an authentic medieval feast in celebration of the premiere.

cookbookYes, there is a cookbook! And it looks awesome!

To all of you G.O.T. fans – Winter is almost here!! 



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The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere!!

If you are unaware tonight is the season 3 premiere of THE WALKING DEAD!! 

I am so excited!! I’ve been watching episodes here and there on AMC all weekend. They’ve been running the first 2 seasons non-stop for the past 48 hours. I plan on watching the season 2 finale right before the premiere, for a little refresher.

Update – I forgot about how many people died in the season 2 finale! I forgot about the black woman who saved Andrea. She is pretty badass. The walkers she has leashes behind her as “pets” us pretty messed up. I guess they are early warning detectors, to warn of an intrusion. I saw the season 3 trailer but I don’t want to give anything away, but this season is going to be Cra…wait for it..zy! 

The only downside of The Walking Dead starting back up for another season, is that I am terrified of zombies (Yes, I know it is a weird thing to be scared of.. lol). I have nightmares
once the show begins and they continue until the finale. I guess it’s so fresh in my mind that is seeps into my subconscious and I cannot escape from it. 

Out of all of the scary monsters and creatures, how could zombies not be on the top of your list? If zombies were real, it would spread so rapidly that there would be no hope for the human race. The chaos. The death. Dismemberment. Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. But on the other hand I know that there is no immanent danger of a zombie apocalypse any time soon, and if there was, I am prepared!

It doesn’t help that I have found documentation about a type of “zombie” disease in Africa:

BBC NEWS (Health) – The disease that makes people zombies

But overall, I am excited!! And I am glad that I watch this show with my best friend and my husband, so I have people to hide behind when I get too scared. hehehe.

So set your alarms, your PVRs, whatever you need. But don’t miss it!! And most importantly…


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Atwood’s children series to get TV treatment

Breakthrough Entertainment has optioned Margaret Atwood’s Wandering Wenda & Friends from McArthur & Co for animated Children’s TV Series

Yesterday, McArthur & Company announced that it has sold TV rights to Margaret Atwood’s Wandering Wenda and Friends children’s books to Breakthrough Entertainment. The deal comprises rights to the series’ previously published picture books — Wandering Wenda, Bashful Boband Doleful Dorinda, Princess Prunella, and Rude Ramsay — as well as a forthcoming fifth fable, Silent Sam(all illustrated by Dušan Petričić).

Breakthrough, the Toronto TV production and distribution company behind HBO Canada’s Less Than Kind, and kids’ shows such as Crash Canyon and The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, has confirmed that it’s developing the books into an animated series for preschoolers.

The news comes on the heels of another recent Atwood adaptation. Earlier this month, Payback, a documentary based on the author’s 2008 Massey lectures, came out to positive reviews (Quill and Quire)


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The Four Book Saga of Chelsea Handler

As of this morning, I have just completed the last book that Chelsea Handler has currently written!! I started the first one two weeks ago, and flew through them in no time flat! So obviously, you know they had to be awesome.. and they were!!

For anyone who has ever watched the E! channel relatively late at night during the week, I’m sure you’ve come across “Chelsea Lately”, a late night talk show hosted by the hilariously witty, Chelsea Handler. On the show she openly talks about subjects that many would consider taboo or controversial, she dishes out and speaks her mind about celebrity gossip, and most of all makes fun of the Hollywood elite. 

Her first novel is titled My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, and this book had me from the first couple pages. This compilation of Chelsea’s sexual encounters is absolutely hilarious!! Chelsea has no prejudice when it comes to skin tone, income or height. The only thing she is weary of are red-heads (but you will find that out in Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang).

Chelsea recounts her drunken debauchery throughout the entire novel (well ever novel that is), and I loved every minute of it. It reminded me of Sex in the City, in the beginning, but after reading a couple chapters, I came to realize this is way better! Why? You may ask. Because Chelsea shows the not-so-glamorous side of one-night stands as well. From sleeping in Halloween costumes and forgetting your house keys, to undressing a man and find out his package wasn’t even close to average, Chelsea’s reactions to every situation she gets herself into is comic genius!

In Chelsea’s second book Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea, and her third Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, they are similar in the sense that Chelsea is retelling her life stories, with no connecting theme. These stories are about her family and her life experiences. Chelsea has a peculiar upbringing; she is one of six children and she seemed to have raised herself along the way. The stories she tells of her family are laugh out loud hilarious! Not only does every story intensify the second Chelsea pours herself a vodka, but that is not the only party favour Chelsea brings to the table. Chelsea recounts her time in prison, as brief as it was, and her first prison girlfriend. Chelsea not only  makes you laugh, but also shows you first hand, the negative effects of drinking and drinking. 

Last but certainly not least, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. This book had me in stitches the entire time!! Each chapter has a different family member, friend or victim of Chelsea’s, recount the traumatizing stunts or lies that were at their expense. Chelsea tortures people out of sheer entertainment for herself, but as you learn in these books, the more you are teased, the more she loves you. It also helps that Chelsea is a very generous woman, and the people she torments also get a lot of perks being the brunt of Chelsea’s jokes. Chelsea loves to spoil the people around her, and she takes her friends and family on trips to the Bahamas and Mexico on private jets! So I wouldn’t mind having the the proverbial wool pulled over my eyes, if it meant I could go on an all expenses paid vacation with Chelsea.

As you learn along the way, Chelsea’s favourite part of the day is when she walks by an unoccupied desk and notices the poor sap forget to lock their computer. Chelsea loves sending out e-mails for people, usually telling family members and friends personal secrets about themselves, that are never true! But you can laugh all you like, because at least it’s not happening to you.

I especially loved the finally chapter written by Chunk, Chelsea’s dog. It was absolutely hilarious! I know I cannot say this enough, but if you are over the age of 19 and you are looking for a laugh, then I highly recommend you picking up one or all of these books, because you cannot go wrong!!




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The Walking Dead (TV + Comic Book)

In preparation for tonight′s season two premiere of The Walking Dead, my husband and I spent last night cuddled up, watching season one. I was absolutely terrified, and I have already seen it! They made the first season very short, with only six episodes. I can definitely see why. They have movie quality graphics on a television show, and you wouldn′t want to have a large budget TV show bomb, and have all that money go down the drain. But it was obviously a success!!! Season two is going to be a full 20+ episode season, and I could not be more excited. Well maybe, I am petrified with fear when it comes to zombies. I do not know why, but they are the scariest of all the monsters in horror movies I have seen.

Dawn of the Dead is probably, by far, the scariest movie I have ever seen. Slow moving zombies (like Shaun of the Dead) don′t bother me as much, but the quick and resilient zombies or zombie like creatures (like 30 Days of Night or Resident Evil I) scary the living bejesus out of me!!

You know what it′s like watching a horror movie and you are on the edge of your seat the entire time, waiting for the next zombie to pop out of nowhere and start tearing the flesh off of some innocent bystander′s throat. If you are a suspense seeker, and love the feeling of anticipation, then you will love this show. In the movies, you hold your breathe for the hour and a half or so of the movies duration. But in this TV series, it is hour after hour of suspenseful torture (in a good way though).

I thought after my post about Cell by Stephen King, that this would be a great must-see show if you love zombies! Not only can you check out the book (no connection to the comics or the TV show, just an awesome read), but I thought I would promote the show and hopefully interest you into check out the comics.

The TV show is loosely based on the comics. The setting is the same and so are the characters, but the plot line is different, as I can tell so far in the first season. They are definitely worth checking out!!

I hope you enjoy your fright-filled evening ahead (if you are watching the show, or are picking up a horror novel or if you feel to just pop in a scary movie). Halloween is just around and we all love getting into the spirit by trying to scare ourselves as much as possible!!


Images: Image 1 – The Walking Dead Season One Poster. Image 2 – The Walking Dead Season Two Poster. Image 3 – The Walking Dead Issue #1 (Comic Book)

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