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Satirical Horror for the Timid Halloween Reader

There are some readers out there that love Halloween, but will not start a book by Stephen King or Dean Koontz because they are worried doing so might lead to them to hours of lost sleep. Be it over the shadows lurking in the corner of their room or the scratching sound at the window or the anticipation of nightmares that are to follow. 

For those readers out there, I have compiled a list of books for those who want to get into the Halloween spirit but would like to be able to go to sleep at night after setting their book down on their nightstand.

A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore

dirty job

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Seth Grahame-Smith

pandp for zombies

Married with Zombies – Jesse Patersen


My Life as a White Trash Zombie – Diana Rowland


Damned – Chuck Palahniuk


This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It – David Wong

Book Review This Book is Full of Spiders

Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

wamr bodies

The Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks




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