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11 Literary Costume Ideas For Halloween (via Retreat from Random House)

I absolutely loved this so much I had to share it immediately!!!

If you are looking for a kick ass literary costume this year. Now you can have your pick!! I can’t choose!! They are all so good!!

Note: This is all from Retreat from Random House

Recreate Cheryl Strayed’s experience by dressing up as her on October 31st.


Did he or didn’t he? Head out as Nick from Gone Girl.


You can be that kind of girl if you dress up like Lena Dunham this Halloween!


Why not head out as Canada’s favourite Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield?


Channel your inner Bridget this Halloween!


Prove you would survive and become one of the Gladers from The Maze Runner, Grievers not included.


Become a Shopaholic to the Stars by dressing up as Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood)


If you’re a fan of a good mystery, you might want to dress up as one of our favourite detectives!


You could channel one of our favourite memoirs and a NetFlix phenomenon!


What’s red, white and black all over? YOU!


Keep things extra gory this Halloween with a Max Brooks inspired costume.



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Random House Blogger Love Fest!!

On Saturday February 11th, I was invited to Random House’s Blogger Love Fest event at their office in Toronto, and let me tell you.. It was AMAZING!!!!! I had the time of my life!! I don’t even know where to begin! I am still coming down from cloud 9 as we speak. And yes, if I was a good blogger I would have completed this post on Saturday like the rest of my fellow writers! 🙂 (I’m bad..and I know it! lol)

Sabrina and I bursting with excitement!!!

We all knew when we arrived, there would be special guest authors arriving to partake in this special day. Boy, were we surprised to see that Random House pulled out all the stops when it came to their guest line up!!

Ami McKay - reading her first blog post ever! Hilarious! 🙂

There was Ami McKay author of The Birth House and The Virgin Cure!!!

Blogger Love from Erin Morgenstern

Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus!!!

Paula McLain giving us more love for us bloggers!! Wow did I ever feel specials!!

And last but certainly not least, Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife!!!!

Not only did we get to chat individual with each of these amazing authors, we also received personalized SIGNED copies of each of their books!!! Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this for a book blogger!!

When I was chatting with Ami McKay, she let me in on a little tidbit… There is going to be a sequel to The Virgin Cure called Witches of New York!! I was just thrilled with the news!! I will keep you all posted on when it will be release! Because I know I cannot wait!!

*If you click here, it will take you to Ami McKay’s website, and you can read about her time in Toronto from her point of view*

I had to congratulate Erin Morgenstern on The Night Circus and how amazing it is that her book is going to be hitting the silver screen September 13th this year!!!

My conversation with Paula McLain was absolutely hilarious! After we discussed the research process she went through to create The Paris Wife, which was fascinating! We began to talk about the books we are currently reading. I told her how I am reading Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast in honour of finishing her book, and Sabrina (LitLaughLove) told her that she is reading Harry Potter for the hundredth time (exaggeration), and I laughed as I always do, when Sabrina mentions Harry Potter. I have never read any of the Harry Potter saga, and I never had any intention to. Not because I don’t think they are any good, they are just not my cup of tea (for all you Harry Potter fans that are about to come with pitchforks and torches to my doorstep lol). But Paula (who is a fan of Harry’s herself), told me that she bet I could not read 20 pages of Harry Potter and not continue on. Well Paula.. Challenge accepted! I will send Paula a copy of my blog post after it’s completed. hehehe.

Not only did we leave with our signed editions, but we got gift bags with even more books!!! Here are some of the titles I will be reviewing, if I ever get a chance to get to them all!

Books.. Books.. and more Books! ❤

There are too many to choose from, and my “to-read” list is getting longer by the day!!


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